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Bolo Ties

Often thought of as "Western Wear" this stylish accessory adds a Celtic touch to anyone's wardrobe. Our bolo ties come on 42" leather cords with matching tips, making them as beautiful as they are long-lasting.

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  • St. Michael's Sun Bolo Tie
    $140.50 Choose Options St. Michael's Sun Bolo Tie
    Taken from the slab of Beretchert at Tullylease. This eight pointed or double cross pattern of two lines intertwined is a more complex form of the Bealin Cross. The center, holding the sun from which all life comes, to the...
  • Three Horses Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Three Horses Bolo Tie
    Reproduced by George Bain, this pattern is symbolic of power. Taken from pictish artwork, it owes its origin to the qualities of knighthood and those that rode or possessed horses, with hopefully good intentions, whom ever...
  • Three Lions Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Three Lions Bolo Tie
    Taken from the 6th-8th Century manuscript the Book of Kells. This symbol for St. Mark (who stressed Christ's power and royalty) and symbolises a protectorant from evil. This is a symbol of transcendence and release,...
  • Three Spirals Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Three Spirals Bolo Tie
    This is taken from an earlier Neolithic design, this pattern re- occurs in the 8th Century using the triskele (the heart, the soul and the mind) echoing the patterns used in the Neolithic tombs outside New Grange in 5000BC,...
  • Tullylease Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Tullylease Bolo Tie
    From a slab at Tullylease. This design of spirals unites in a central coil of North, South, East, and West , invoking the protection of the trinity in each quadrant; to guard, hold, and cherish from each set of three facing...
  • Two Spirals Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Two Spirals Bolo Tie
    Taken from pictish art, and dating back more than three thousand years, this pattern is equivalent to the balance of above and below, the real and mystical worlds united, and has similarities to the yin and yang. The Bonding...
  • Two Swans Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Two Swans Bolo Tie
    Depicted in the 8th to 10th century Book of Kells, the two swans are animals that mate for life. They show the unity between two people as a circle; a never ending bond that transcends all. Two as in one mind, thought and...
  • Tynan Bands Bolo Tie
    $110.50 Choose Options Tynan Bands Bolo Tie
    Taken from the cross at Tynan abbey Co. Armagh This is a knot formed of four oval bands interlaced by a fifth band tying all together. The four seasons held throughout the year this is a mother earth symbol. One of grounding...

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