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Cuff Links

As fashions have changed throughout time, cufflinks are still a traditional way to accentuate a formal suit. Our cufflinks are made in a way that will catch the eyes of anyone in the room, and their durable fabrication makes them the only pair of cufflinks that one will want to use.

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  • Shamrock Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Shamrock Cuff Links
    From the High Cross at Kilfenora, Co. Clare. Triangular knot work is rare in Ireland but well known in many parts of Scotland. The triquetra in druid times was used to represent the three forces of nature: earth, air and...
  • Star of Eire Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Star of Eire Cuff Links
    Taken from a slab found at Mona Incha. The pattern uses one circular band forming four points in the centre. The loops make a cross with curved expanding arms. This can be interpreted as the star pattern or as a cross. The...
  • Three Lions Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Three Lions Cuff Links
    Taken from the 6th-8th Century manuscript the Book of Kells. This symbol for St. Mark (who stressed Christ's power and royalty) and symbolises a protectorant from evil. This is a symbol of transcendence and release,...
  • Tri-Skell Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Tri-Skell Cuff Links
    Although predating Christianity in it's origins as a symbol for the " Triple Goddess " or " Mother Earth " , it was often used as a protectorant in travel and even on battle shields. A symbol found in Ancient British and...
  • Tullylease Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Tullylease Cuff Links
    From a slab at Tullylease. This design of spirals unites in a central coil of North, South, East, and West , invoking the protection of the trinity in each quadrant; to guard, hold, and cherish from each set of three facing...
  • Tyrone Knot Cuff Links
    $93.00 Choose Options Tyrone Knot Cuff Links
    Probably the most powerful knot in the book . This design is a triquetra in it's simplest form it represents ( Mother Earth or the Triple Goddess ) showing affinity towards the world as it should be ( A Simply Thought ) and...

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